Gelineau-Wilson-Muddiman and United Families Tree

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Interactive tree of Richard Fitzalan 10th Earl of Arundel

Sir Edmund Fitzalan 13271377
Katherine Howard 14171478
Edward de Neville 14171476
Margaret de Mowbray 13871459
Sir Robert Tendring Howard - Knight 13851437
Eliizabeth D'Arundelle FitzAlan 13661425
Thomas de Mowbray - 1st Duke of Norfolk 13651399
Thomas Butler 14521515
Anne Hankford 14311485
Joan de Beauchamp Countess of Ormond 13961430
James Butler 4th Earl of Ormond 13931452
Joan Fitzalan 13751435
William de Beauchamp 1st Baron Abergavenny 13431411
Richard Fitzalan 11th Earl of Arundel 13461397
Elizabeth de Bohun Countess of Arundel 13501385
Richard Fitzalan 10th Earl of Arundel 13061376
Isabel Phillipa le Despencer 13121356
Eleanor of Lancaster 13181372
Henry Plantagenet 3rd Earl of Lancaster 12811345
Maud de Chaworth 12821322
Edmund “Crouchback” Plantagenet 1st Earl of Lancaster and Leicester 12451296
Blanche of Artois 12481302
Henry III “Henry of Winchester” Plantagenet King of England 12071272
Eleanor of Provence Queen Consort 12231291
John “”Lackland“” King of England 11661216
Isabella of Angouleme 11881246
Ramon Berenguer IV Count of Provence 11981245
Beatrice of Savoy 12051267
Robert I of Artois Count of Artois 12161250
Matilda of Brabant 12241288
Louis VIII King of France 11871226
Blanche de Castille Queen Consort 11881252